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Regarding the Use of Free Online Article Spinner Software

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Some Thoughts Regarding the Use of Free Online Article Spinner Software

Article spinning is described as a technique performed by website or blog owners wherein unique versions of existing online content is used to generate relevant content. This search engine optimization technique usually involves rewriting an existing article by replacing certain words with synonyms. Rewriting is either done manually or through automatic means, such as a free article spinner found online.

An experienced writer can write a good quality, 500-word article in 45 minutes to an hour. Meanwhile, the same writer can rewrite the original article in 30 minutes more or less. On the other hand, it takes an experienced writer about 20 minutes to spin a single article with assistance from article spinning software. While it seems like using free article spinner software provides more articles in less time, not all software are alike. In addition, recent changes in Google's policy on recycled content have changed how websites go up and down the rankings.

The software used in spinning articles range from the remarkable to the downright junk. While paid software usually gives better results, there is also free article spinner software that provides a decent output. Therefore, software-assisted article spinning is trial and error most of the time but if a writer does not mind editing the output, having the computer generate the first draft would save a writer a couple of minutes typing it manually.

Another concern is Google's revision of its policy regarding online content. Prior to changes introduced in February 2011, website and blog owners who rely on putting a large number of spun articles in their sites were gaining ground compared to sites that produce solely original content. The situation changed after Google's algorithm changed, which now put more weight on quality rather than quantity. As a result, a large number of websites that used to produce a ton of recycled content had to rethink about their strategies. It looks like the days of the free article spinner software is over.

However, it still pays to follow a few basic rules in article spinning. First, if the goal of the site is to increase organic traffic, the best option is to spin articles manually. Most readers appreciate a carefully-written, informative article and the mere sight of junk articles will have them take a bee line towards the nearest exit. Second, if the goal of the site is solely to generate backlinks without any regard to quality, proceed with getting a free article spinner and spin away.