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Why Automatic Article Spinning is Better?

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Why Automatic Article Spinning with Article Spinner is Better?

Article spinning is widely known as a cost effective method of creating website content, as well as backlinks for search engine optimization purposes. In order to create backlinks, website and blog owners submit content to article directories, document sharing websites, and other blogs. Distributing content to these websites can have significant benefits in terms of search engine optimization.

Manual spin versus automatic spin

Website and blog owners have two options when spinning their articles. Either they spin their articles manually or utilize article spinning software (i.e. online free article spinner). In terms of time spent, a veteran content writer can write an original article in the span of 60 minutes. Rewriting the same article manually could take half an hour. On the other hand, a free article spinner can create a unique article in just 20 minutes when done by an experienced writer.

In terms of money spent per article, a website or blog owner can hire a content writer to create site content. On the average, one original article costs $5 each. Therefore, a set of 100 articles costs $500. On the other hand, a paid article spinning program will only cost $100 on the average. Quality-wise, using either paid or free article spinner will provide more control over quality.

A few article spinning tips

Article spinning can be cost-effective when used correctly. Here are a few tips to maximize the potential of article spinning:

  • The more unique, the better. An online article should be composed of 30% to 50% spun material. Though the exact figure is still under debate, this range is more than enough.
  • Reduce keyword density. Always make sure that the keyword density of the spun article is less than that of the original. For example, if the original article has a keyword density of 3%, aim low and go for 1% keyword density for spun articles.
  • Avoid putting your keywords in the article title. Doing so will create ranking problems within one's own website. Try coming up with creative titles.
  • Utilize keywords as anchor text. Help Google identify a back link as a relevant article by having the anchor text as the actual keyword.
  • Utilize secondary backlink to target other related keywords. Doing so can help rank older articles.
  • Automate article spinning. Why choose to have 2 articles per hour manually when a free article spinner can produce 4 to 5 in an hour?