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Teach Me How to Spin It Online for Free

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Teach Me How to Spin It with Article Spinner

How to Spin it with Article Spinner, online and for Free? There are a growing number of website and blog owners who have resorted to utilizing a free article spinner to create online content for your sites. What started as a potent search engine optimization method that later turned into a sort of art form has fallen into the trap of automation. What was done by brilliant human minds is now being mass-produced by machines at a large scale.

The question now is for how long could a free article spinner fool Google's algorithms? The answer: not too long. Google has just updated its algorithm and is now hell bent on blowing websites that use free article spinner, recycled and junk content out of the water. Initially, the results were mixed. Yes, there were changes in how websites were ranked now. However, even some websites using well-written content were adversely affected.

A few tweaks and updates later, Google's algorithm was able to set its sights straight and started sending "junk" websites to search results page rock bottom. The focus has shifted from quantity to quality. A significant chunk of cyberspace was caught off guard, particularly those who were exploiting loopholes in Google's algorithm before everything was sent flying around and got stomped by the angry Panda (Google's latest algorithm update).

Now, for those who have a change of heart, threw out their free article spinner out of the window, and want to learn old school (manual) article spinning, you have come to the right place (or page). Here are some quick tips on how to do old-fashioned but tried and tested article spinning:

Spin the title. A title should not be overlooked since it is actually an important factor in determining the uniqueness of an article. Spinning the article usually involves rewriting the title from scratch. An article title can be rewritten at least ten times.

Spin the sentence. The first sentence or paragraph of an article usually presents the summary of the document. Hence, it is important that the first part of each article is uniquely reworded to avoid any problems.

Spin the paragraphs some more. If a paragraph is too long, try shortening it on top of using synonyms. In addition, changing the structure of a paragraph also contributes to creating unique content,

Spin the bullet (list). If a paragraph is too long, try dividing it into two or more sentences, followed by a bulleted list.